Tuesday, 19 January 2010

slow down

having just popped down to london to present a concept for l'oreal's cosmetic brand shu uemura, it feels good to take a step back to reflect on the concept and ideas which we used and relating it back to our feedback. the main train of thought for the concept was based around a 'slow movemet'...something which has developed from 'slow food' being anti the whole fast food industry...we put forward our idea of introducing a slower pace to the brand shu uemura to enable consumers to reflect on the brand story, get to grips with the product range to both increase brand loyalty for the consumers and enable them to take a moment out of their busy schedules and really enjoy the luxury products available.
it feels really reassuring having seen that the next issue magazine good is called 'the slow issue'....with illustrations in hand by mark weaver..someone who i admire and whom i have featured on my blog. slow is the way forward!

check it out


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