Monday, 4 January 2010

post for 2010

this is my 100th post for my blog! so in celebration, i am going to give a selction of my favourites. all set for the new decade.

first up...

boy crushhh...elliot conway
this was a tough many to chose from. elliot conway from models 1.

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girl crushhh....scarlett johannson
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from harpars bazaar uk jan '10

tip top make up...john galliano

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chalky, eerie yet glamorous. i'm a huge fan of the make up on john galliano's models for spring summer rtw 2010. 2009 i saw a lot of fab films..with the development of 3D films well on it's way with 'UP' and 'Coraline' even 3d on DVDs. other goodies included english films, 'an education' and 'away days', furry 'where the wild things are', delicious 'julia and julie' and many more as they say.
however this post is all about 2010
some i'm looking forward to are, as i've mentioned previously on my blog- tom fords 'a single man'
of course the sex and the city sequel will be a must see.
avatar is out already and is on my to-do list.
BUT the most exciting film that we look forward to for 2010 is
tim burtons' alice in wonderland. this is going to be the real treat with an unbelievable cast of...

helena bonham carter
johnny depp
anne hathaway
alan rickman
timothy spall
stephen fry
barbara windsor

and the list goes on.
check it out on

i realised i could go on for some time here with fashion designers, photographers, magazine editorials..magazine editors, music...but i won't!

so happy new year everyone!

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