Sunday, 22 February 2009

alberta ferretti
spring 2009

spotted these alberta ferretti ad campaigns in vogue, and i think they are absolutely stunning. the detail that has been taken in the whole setup and composition is incredible and i love the soft colour palette used for the garments in contrast with the fairly gothic make up. the movement of the flapper dresses yet the intense stare with the models on the right hand side creates an atmosphere and the third model gazing into the distance. 
for the one on top, the lines and geometries in which the slender models make really conveys the era so well. 
really beautiful.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

banksy of the coolest people around, obviously! controversial i know, but in the art world and younger generations he is adored for his creative, street flair for graffiti world wide. 
i like the fat rat
he's rather cute
i shall look out for him and his other rat friends dotted around new york when i go out this easter

frank tell spring 09
this guy has got style! solid colours and shapes, frank tell enters the fashion world with punch. i particularly love the consistency of black boots throughout collection, and the simple yet successful shapes used, it reminds me of my own wardrobe 
again,a very wearable collection..i like.

charlotte ronson
hot stuff for spring 09
love the simplicity of the colour palette and the thought out details in the garments. the whole collection looks really wearable, i'd love any of these in my wardrobe. really beautiful
another talented member of the ronson family!

what a face
erin wasson 
spring 09, wasson is launching ernin wasson x rvca, collaboration with surf abd skate lifestyle brand rvca.

Monday, 16 February 2009

ahhh yes! i'm quite a lover of visual retail can make a shopping experience and with the costs that some designers charge for their products, i reckon the least they can do is make the shop a desirable place to be! last week i was in a british department store and was so disappointed with the presentation of the shoe section, it was bland and boring to say the least. this, this however is great..minimalist yet fun and shows off the product well.
kymyka in the netherlands

happy birthday sister!

balloons anyone? 
appropriate as it is my sister's birthday today, but these balloons are actually part of a fundraising effort for Cancer Council for Australia...daredallion is the website..check it out, either straight there or through my source..coolhunter. 
i love the energy that ray ban's adverts have...taking the pop arty look to a new level with hustle and bustle of imagery.  

shall we all be a bit more like karl lagerfeld? wouldn't be such a bad thing...spring 2009

yes yes yes, one of my favourite jewellers crops up again, i can't resist!
at £66.55 however, my student funds don't quite stretch for this scorpian day i shall kit myself out in butler and wilson and it will be a happy day

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

here are three of my favouirtes, mario testino in particular. a couple of years ago i was lucky enough to see one of his talks, held at london college of fashion. he seemed like such a down to earth, talente1d, interesting and most of all, inspiring man...can you tell im a fan?! im sure there will be highlights of his work in my blog in the future, but for now im capturing some my favourite bits from the olsen's book-influence. i absolutely love the olsen's style;the grungey chic that they manage to pull off effortlessly and their book portrays it perfectly.

mary beyer
made to measure gloves
what a beautiful store and concept
is this the epitome of chic?

Monday, 9 February 2009

what have you learned in your life so far?
i really like this website, which is also a book..
i love the idea of thinking about what you learn day to day, which experiences do you learn most from and how does that help you establish you you are and what you believe..
check it out
these are a couple of my favourites

live curious
jason bishop

no time to waste

Saturday, 7 February 2009

proenza schouler pre fall

well, i wouldn't mind these outfits in my wardrobe...super stylish, revamping black with sequins and layers and that gorgeous plum and electric pink to jazz it up. 

Thursday, 5 February 2009

chanel takes fashion a step further with this beautiful spring/summer haute couture collection.these are some of my favourites...


im lucky enough to have just been to new york this jan and picked up this necklace from anthropologie which i love love love. the chunky crystals catch the light and lift any outfit.
"dear friends, we surely all agree
there's almost nothing worse to see
than some repulsive little bum
who's always chewing chewing gum"

how great, mixing childhood stories with fashion, ending with a bubble gum mess/delight
roald dahl goes vogue
photographer tim walker

truly inspired by viktor and rolf's store layout...upside down. genius.
it is creations like this, which make me realise why i love visual merchandising so much

emilio pucci is perfect for this spring/summer...with fizzy colours and patterns,true eye candy is created
i think these shots are fab, so playful yet grown up. 
taken from w magazine, photographer craig mcdean
 well...if i had a spare £538.28 then i'd probably buy this cutie from butler and wilson