Sunday, 7 March 2010


i really like the simplicity and order that this A2 self promotion poster gives. really quite beautiful. found here.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

topman design a/w '10

topman design hit the catwalk for the first time last week for london fashion week. the collection seems so much stronger, following the military trend with attention to detail in the fastenings and graphics used on the t shirt and shirts. menswear continuing to have a feminine touch to their looks with more of the skinny trouser, but now too the high waisted trouser with belts and buttons following 2010/2011 a.w trends.

a single man

this week i finally saw a single man, tom ford's film adaptation of the 1964 was everything i expected and more. a story of love, loss and loneliness projected stunningly in an artful and elegant manor. the pace of the film was gentle with the imagery and lighting near to perfection. precise details of certain shots and scenes make the film what it is....scenes which come to mind for being particularly memorable were that of george, the main character driving in his car at the beginning..time slowed down, thoughts consuming him....another was the meeting of carlos, the spanish model, the beautiful dusk lighting falling on their faces. colin firth does an outstanding job, with the balance of charm and sadness to create the intriguing character. nicholas holt too shone in his performance, his american accent didn't bother me even though i thought it might.
romantic and moody, this film produces beautiful imagery reflecting the era so well in a sophisticated, understated and elegant way.

Friday, 26 February 2010


i haven't had the chance to do much no-so-nude blogging what with uni work and doing my paris blog...quite a different approach than i usually go for..lots of writing!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

burberry catwalks go 3D

at 4pm on tuesday burberry will be holding the first ever 3d catwalk, live from london fashion week. really quite incredible.


We are very excited to announce that we are hosting the first ever truly global fashion show. We will be simultaneously live streaming our show using 3D technology directly to New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and LA. This unprecedented event will enable people to experience the energy and atmosphere of this show from around the world. 3D technology will bring our global audience into the London show space allowing them to see the colours and fabrics, to hear the music and to be a part of that moment when it all finally comes together.”
Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


i'm not abandoning blogspot! but i now also have a tumblr page.
it's going to be a similar feel to this, juts giving a different layout and feel a go.

back from paris...

few of the best bits...

pompidou....lovely editorial pieces shown at this excellent contemporary gallery.these pieces show great use of colour, space and layout, very inspirational. definitely one of my favourite visits.

shabby chic style restaurantat musée baccarat, beautiful crystal museum which exuded class and style.

oh hi there wall of magazines...a good forty minutes (at least) was spent in the gift shop of palais de tokyo. fabulous shop with huge selection of art, fashion, graphics and architecture books.
musée d'orsay...stunning gallery in an old train station holding beautiful work from the greats including van gogh, renoir and derain.

fashion...couldn't go to paris and not stop in at colette. an all round lifestyle shop in stylish the end of paris. gadgets, magazines, books and clothes for both men and women. amazing use of space and design. lovely.

however, the real fashion treat for me was at printemps. with an alice and wonderland theme to the department store it had a magical feel to it in preparation for the film coming out in march. a row of the windows were themed, all mannequins with rabbit masks and alice in wonderland inspired clothing. however the absolute highlight was the tea party in the middle of the store. have tea and cake in the proper setting. giant teapots hanging from the ceiling, and mad hatter-esque checkered floor. amazing.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

my diana mini

a few from my first film of my diana mini..
this is just from my contact sheet so far, really looking forward to printing them properly. quite please though with the colours for my first film.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

pretty pastels

mario testino-always a fashion favourite. this footage for vogue march 2010 is beautiful. tints of corals mixed in with curls, gems, bows, frills, puffs, pastels and lace. the most glamorous doll i've ever seen. music 'under the stars' by ellie goulding sets it off perfectly. brilliant bit of viral advertising on vogues behalf.

packing for paris

my must haves for my trip to paris

mini diana camera with flash
slr cannon camera
parker coat
redlipstick...might take a variety of colours
my trusty brogues..kurt geiger boots will be packed too of course
warm scarf..gloves
goddess guide for all the top travel tips


marcus leitsch

two of the best things i've seen in a while.
marcus leitsch
for more info on this austrain artist check it out here

found via wefindwildness

Thursday, 4 February 2010

maison martin margiela

what a beautiful bottle.
i always wonder how people can keep creating interesting perfume bottles which are simple and stylish. this particular bottle reminded me of le labo - a brand i love.
but this one here untitled (great idea) by maison martin margiela €55-100 from collette in paris


Tuesday, 2 February 2010


sooo i got the most amazing gift today.
being a glee fan this was an absolute treat.
an actualy mini locker, oh yes with a key and lock too.
along with the soundtrack and a fetching 70's photo of the cast
just fabulous
thank you once again to you know who (x2)

Monday, 1 February 2010

tarina tarantino

when i was in LA over the summer i stayed in a hostel on melrose and opposite was this store, tarina tarintino. kitch, sometimes tacky, but mostly all beautiful in some way, the jewelry really stood out.
i want this alice and wonderland, white rabbit ring please from the queen alice collection! $55 in case you were thinking of getting it for me...

all wrapped up

trying to work and am freezing..and blog distracted.
wrapped up in my favourite item. quilt from abc carpet and home. lugged it all the way back from new york nearly a year ago. was half price which i found out at the til...fate.
keeps me warm in winter. love. it.

Photobucket all kicked off

i don't usually blog about uni work, but this is a one off... so as part of my course we work with real brands and look at real problems. at the start of this term, the shoe brand kickers came in and asked for our help.
our aim? to get a trend setter, give them a pair of shoes..specifically the KICK HI...they wear the shoes, we track them and see what people think of them.
so our legend, matt box has been wearing his black quilted boots and on our request, has customized them too.
what do you think??

..quite the stud huh?!


handy work

these definitely caught my eye. so simple yet effective. by artist
guido daniele




via it's nice that

alice in wonderland

is it healthy to be this excited about a film?
not too long now!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


giving a few new headers a go. feel free to give comments and opinions.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

melbourne's new image

i've seen melbourne's new brand image a few times now and i am still so impressed with it.

"City of Melbourne asked Landor to develop a cohesive brand strategy and new identity system.
The challenge was to reflect City of Melbourne’s cool sophistication on the world stage, capture the passion of its people, and provide the city with a unified, flexible, and future-focused image.
The new identity needed to overcome political complexities, improve the cost-effectiveness of managing the brand, and unite the disparate range of entities (including the council, City of Melbourne’s destination brand, and an ever-growing portfolio of different initiatives, programs, services, events, and activities)."

it's such a dynamic symbol, yet so simple using the letter M. i love that it has been spread around the city in such a vibrant and proud way.
welldone them.

this particular quote was taken via behance network



slow down

having just popped down to london to present a concept for l'oreal's cosmetic brand shu uemura, it feels good to take a step back to reflect on the concept and ideas which we used and relating it back to our feedback. the main train of thought for the concept was based around a 'slow movemet'...something which has developed from 'slow food' being anti the whole fast food industry...we put forward our idea of introducing a slower pace to the brand shu uemura to enable consumers to reflect on the brand story, get to grips with the product range to both increase brand loyalty for the consumers and enable them to take a moment out of their busy schedules and really enjoy the luxury products available.
it feels really reassuring having seen that the next issue magazine good is called 'the slow issue'....with illustrations in hand by mark weaver..someone who i admire and whom i have featured on my blog. slow is the way forward!

check it out

Thursday, 14 January 2010

parkour motion reel

what an absolute genius. flip book stroke animation gives a whole new feel to the illustrative work. i can see advertising agencies taking this on...

via josh spear

Sunday, 10 January 2010



ysl in black and Giambattista Valli in nude showing floucny frills for s/s 2010.
i want one.


pantone's colour of the year...
"Pantone is pleased to announce PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise, an inviting, luminous hue, as the Color of the Year for 2010. Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise inspires thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a comforting escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing."

Thursday, 7 January 2010

mind design

i really like this work done by mind design for playlab. mind design have a range of amazing creative work, and this is identity work for an interesting brand in itself...playlab is "workshop space aimed to be a creative playground for stressed adults" which seems to me to be a brilliant concept...however it seems to be more of a workshop which they would attend, already doesn't sound quite as fun!
annnyway, so i really like the way all these cards conect in an illustrative-jigsaw way. colourful and childish. also love the stamp concept. might have to encorporate this for my own personal promotion.