Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bangers and Fash NG1

proud of my trent boys

a small group of my friends who do graphic design at my uni have set up a t-shirt company called 269.
designing the graphics and screen printing them to the tees themselves is how they have begun their business. earlier this month they held a fashion show at a brownes bar in nottingham along with other up and coming brands; we make t shirts and individual threads.
mr dan boaden from synthdromes was the guest dj along with justin reid-simms
the night was a huge success
as they say,
'watch this space...'

one of these please...

busy end of term times have meant i haven't blogged in a while let's get back into the swing of things
summer is finally here and the beach is beckoning...can't wait to hit the cornish waves next week...could do with one of these to get me and my surf stuff about!

image from thecoolhunter