Tuesday, 19 January 2010

melbourne's new image

i've seen melbourne's new brand image a few times now and i am still so impressed with it.

"City of Melbourne asked Landor to develop a cohesive brand strategy and new identity system.
The challenge was to reflect City of Melbourne’s cool sophistication on the world stage, capture the passion of its people, and provide the city with a unified, flexible, and future-focused image.
The new identity needed to overcome political complexities, improve the cost-effectiveness of managing the brand, and unite the disparate range of entities (including the council, City of Melbourne’s destination brand, and an ever-growing portfolio of different initiatives, programs, services, events, and activities)."

it's such a dynamic symbol, yet so simple using the letter M. i love that it has been spread around the city in such a vibrant and proud way.
welldone them.

this particular quote was taken via behance network




  1. I am glad I found your blog, because I love fashion, but I like seeing other things as well for inspiration, such as this post. This gives me inspiration/ admiration/ and creation.