Saturday, 25 April 2009

valentino-the last emperor

please please come to the uk!

i'm simply desperate to see the new valentino film. having been out in the u.s. for some time, i think it's about time that it came here..
positive thinking

i haven't read it yet, but the title of this book caught my eye. written by 'advertising guru', pail arden.
i especially like that one the front it says "the world's best selling book by paul arden" that's some positive thinking for you

Friday, 17 April 2009

friday night with jonathan ross

went to see the recording of friday night with jonathan ross last night which was ace. good old ross was hilarious as ever, and oh so professional. guests were hugh jackman, lady gaga and martin clunes. 
not being a massive woverine fan, hugh jackman was slightly lost on me i'm afraid to say, however was very chatting and a good guest to have on. 
lady gaga was didn't exactly come out on top with
 her one word answers and waffling on about something to do with her life being art and that's the thing that shoots you in the face...i dont know...maybe us english folk just don't get her...she certainly didn't get ross' joke about her flashing her 'fandango' on stage. also great was when ross muttered, "i'd 'gaga' her'" in his boyish sense of to love it. 
martin clunes stole the show with his natural charm and witt, both on and off camera. 
all in all, a fun night!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

marc jacobs set in the west village is so so cute. two stores on opposite sides of the road capture your attention as they are both filled with vegetation and greenery which seem to be bursting out. the small shops are quaint and perfect to stumble across when walking through the villages of new york
went to the MoMA in new york which i loved. this is a section of one of my favourites, by lee krasner. it has so much energy and the colours are so fun-this is what i love about modern art..
flipity flopoty
havaiana flip flops head for europe for a fun and colourful ad campaign. i love love love them, they are THE most comfy things for your feet in the summer! bring on the sun to bring them back to my feet!

impressive stores
the prada store in new york is so incredible, with a wooden slope not too dissimilar to a half pipe! with the garments on mannequins lined up on the middle, and on the upper levels, the whole store has a huge visual impact


brooklyn and white

Monday, 13 April 2009

it has been a while since my last blog post, but alas, time has not been wasted! back from a trip to new york. i always love going away and exploring new cities, but there's something very satisfying about coming home too. the comforts of your own surroundings, especially your bedroom are pretty special.