Wednesday, 3 March 2010

a single man

this week i finally saw a single man, tom ford's film adaptation of the 1964 was everything i expected and more. a story of love, loss and loneliness projected stunningly in an artful and elegant manor. the pace of the film was gentle with the imagery and lighting near to perfection. precise details of certain shots and scenes make the film what it is....scenes which come to mind for being particularly memorable were that of george, the main character driving in his car at the beginning..time slowed down, thoughts consuming him....another was the meeting of carlos, the spanish model, the beautiful dusk lighting falling on their faces. colin firth does an outstanding job, with the balance of charm and sadness to create the intriguing character. nicholas holt too shone in his performance, his american accent didn't bother me even though i thought it might.
romantic and moody, this film produces beautiful imagery reflecting the era so well in a sophisticated, understated and elegant way.

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  1. Isn't it crazy? Tom Ford directing for the first time and it's critically acclaimed? Does everything he touch turn to gold?