Sunday, 15 November 2009

it's not all about london

i love love love our capital, london...however when it comes to art and design it feels like people have the misconception that london is the only place with a bit of talent. whilst there is a huge buzz in london and i would love to live there after my degree to pursue my career, i think it is important to not forget that there are extremely talented people all over the country. when scouting on f.tape for roar talent i spotted some nottingham trent applications and was pretty proud. here are some of my favourite up and coming designers and photographers NOT from london

first up, nathan small- photographer from nottingham trent

Nathan Small- photographer

Nathan Small

next...gabrielle schoenenberger- fashion designer from northumbria universtiy

Gabrielle Schoenenberger

...annabel scopes from university of brighton with a BA (Hons) in fashion textile design with business studies specialising in knit
Annabel Scopes

Annabel Scopes

last but not least ana belen merono is a BA (hons) fashion design graduate from nottingham trent university

Ana Belen Merono

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