Wednesday, 11 November 2009

good morning light

"good morning light is a peaceful book-maker making books and artworks of limited edition, founded by gu fan and tinkle, june 2008, based in beijing, China.
Everything we’ve done are due to love for writing, drawing, film, music and beauty of sunlight.
being simple and natural is our way."

i couldn't have described 'good morning light' any more beautifully than they did on their own website. they hold online exhibitions, and a few of the photographers really caught my eye. first of all this is justin waldron, currently living and working between new york and japan. the images which have been created i think are so special. they hold a naivety and fragility to them. i'm not sure why, but i always think there is something intriguing adn often very beautiful about a photograph of someone with a camera, it seems so insightful.

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