Monday, 3 August 2009

M + B Gallery LA

as i have been venturing around the USA, i haven't had much time unfortunately to do much blogging. time now to share a few things which i have enjoyed visually...

first of all...LA

i lovelovelove LA, so much to see and do
something i particualrly enjoyed was the M+B gallery which is currently holding the 'Barack Obama: the freshman' exhibition...

"Lisa Jack, then a student of photography at Occidental College, sought a striking subject for a portrait project and was tipped off about a charismatic freshman named “Barry” Obama who would make an ideal subject.
After the shoot, these images would remain locked away for the next 28 years, until a dare from a friend triggered Lisa Jack to seek them out.
At first worried these images could be used against President Obama, Jack realized they were not incriminating of anything other than being young and self-conscious, and that they offered a unique glimpse into how the man who made history went from being “Barry” to Barack.
This exhibition marks the first time these rare photographs have ever been printed and on display."

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