Friday, 17 April 2009

friday night with jonathan ross

went to see the recording of friday night with jonathan ross last night which was ace. good old ross was hilarious as ever, and oh so professional. guests were hugh jackman, lady gaga and martin clunes. 
not being a massive woverine fan, hugh jackman was slightly lost on me i'm afraid to say, however was very chatting and a good guest to have on. 
lady gaga was didn't exactly come out on top with
 her one word answers and waffling on about something to do with her life being art and that's the thing that shoots you in the face...i dont know...maybe us english folk just don't get her...she certainly didn't get ross' joke about her flashing her 'fandango' on stage. also great was when ross muttered, "i'd 'gaga' her'" in his boyish sense of to love it. 
martin clunes stole the show with his natural charm and witt, both on and off camera. 
all in all, a fun night!

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